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The Trouble with Lemons

Linda (not her real name), came to see me for a routine check-up a few weeks ago. She was concerned about the damage her diet was doing to her teeth. She felt like they were wearing away. Linda revealed her love of eating citrus fruits as part of a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.

Lots of people are fully aware of the damage that sugar can do to your teeth but less aware of the damage acid can cause. Acid can come from the food we eat or sometimes from medical conditions such as heart burn or GORD which can increase the presence on acid in the mouth. Although the acid does not cause decay. it can weaken the surfaces of the teeth making them more susceptible to decay and abrasive force. That is why things like Coca Cola are so bad for teeth! Not only does it have acid in it (the bit that makes it fizz) but it also packed full of sugar. Once the acid damages weakens your teeth, it is very easy for the bacteria to cause holes with the sugar left around your mouth.

Anyway... back to Linda!

Linda had lost a lot of the enamel on the back of her front teeth and we were concerned about the risk of the nerve being damaged if this acidic wear continued. We therefore agreed to put composite veneers along the back of her teeth and at the same time, add some composite to the front to give the teeth a less aged appearance. Linda was sure she didn't want to have 'straight, bright Simon Cowell teeth' so we incorporated the appearance of wear into the restorations we provided for her.

There was no local anaesthetic used in this case and Linda was treated with direct composite buil-ups with Venus Pearl.

I must commend Linda for being able to sit so still whilst I did my treatment. This one took quite a while to do but it was so worth it to be able to see her smile confidently again.

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