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Smiling Girl
Who knew? You can now start your smile journey from the comfort of your own home by booking a complimentary consultation with me through the wonders of zoom.
Take a selfie (or a few!) with your best smile. This can be a photo or a video. The more I can see the better.
 Top Tips:  Make sure there is good lighting - taking a photo near a window or with natural daylight is ideal. Take a few different angles as teeth look different from the side. Smile as wide as you can (even if this isn't want you normally do). If you find this hard, try saying 'cheeeese' whilst you take the photo.
Fill out this Google Form so I have an idea about what your are looking for
zoom form.PNG
Wait for your e-mail telling you about your appointment and save it on your calendar
Computer Screens
Sit back, relax and join me on zoom to get your show on the road!
Man Trying App

Please note: You will need to have access to Zoom video chat for a consultation. All meetings are recorded for your future reference and mine.

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