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Composite bonding is a safe and easy way to augment the shape of your natural without causing damage to them. It is incredibly versatile and the restorations are easily repaired too.

What is it?

Composite bonding is a procedure used to enhance or change the shape, size and colour of teeth for aesthetic reasons.


What is composite?

Composite is a tooth coloured filling material which has evolved over the last few years, becoming one of the most versatile restorative materials we have. It is reasonably soft when it is applied to your tooth allowing it to be shaped and moulded to the ideal shape. It is then set hard in surgery allowing you to eat on them straight away.


Why choose composite bonding?

Bonding to teeth is very different to veneering teeth as it usually involves little preparation and damage to the natural tooth. In addition, as the material is so versatile, it can be adjusted, added to and repaired in surgery relatively easily.  


Is composite bonding suitable for everyone?

Composite bonding cannot however alter the overall position of your teeth or provide complete colour correction. For this you will need to whiten your teeth or undergo orthodontic treatment. Bonding also requires a reasonable amount of natural tooth to bond to. Where this is not available, crowns or traditional veneers may be more suitable.


How long does it take?

Treatment can last from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on how many teeth are being treated. During this time, there will be a mixture of adding composite to your teeth and then carving and polishing them.


How long does it last?

All dental treatment is definitive but not permanent. Composite is a very resilient material, but it is possible to chip, stain or break it. Fortunately, it is quite straight forward to repair or replace these restorations. In addition to repairs, they will need regular maintenance including annual polishes. If this seems like a big time investment, it may be worth considering porcelain veneers.

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